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Practical tips to do when a relative from abroad passes away

February 22, 2017



In the world we live in today, it is becoming more common to transport a relative who has passed away abroad back to their home country. It also has become common to deal with legal and fiscal issues regarding the estate of that individual across many borders. When dealing with the loss of a loved one, it can be quite difficult to coordinate the logistics that you need to in order to transport their remains and settle up their assets from abroad.


When dealing with the loss of a loved one abroad, consider the following guidance on how to get their affairs settled so that you have the opportunity to properly grieve their loss:


Legal advice


Should your relative pass away abroad, it is vital that you consult an attorney that has a presence in the country in which your relative died and your home country. This presence is absolutely essential because they are going to know the legalities between the two nations about removing your relative’s remains and their assets.


In this instance, it is best to invest in the absolute best so that you will be able to avoid common pitfalls and mishaps due to miscommunications between assets moving between borders. Please bear in mind that personal referrals are a great asset when retaining counsel to assist you and that you should strive to find an attorney that possesses a great deal of experience in the type of matter that you are pursuing. 


Financial recommendations


If your relative has acquired assets while residing abroad, it is going to be important to assess how to get those assets back into your home country. One advantage that many individuals are unaware of is the potential to using international money transfer companies to entirely take care of the transaction. This is quite beneficial in that the money transfer companies save a great deal of capital on larger transfers. For example, if your relative has acquired property abroad, then there is a substantial benefit to using money transfer companies to transfer the funds back from the sale of those subsequent properties.


Additionally, it is wise to transfer money to your home country from any capital that your relative may have in their bank accounts. The great exchange rate will serve as a major benefit to you as you try to settle up your relative’s affairs and transfer their property to many parties named in their will. 


One pivotal aspect that is commonly forgotten is the necessity to consider tax implications of your relative’s estate. Depending on which family members are inheriting and where the assets were, there are certain tax implications that apply. This is particularly true in the United States. It is essential to properly research these regulations and prepare for them adequately in order to avoid any unforeseen expenses that could cost your family members a great deal of capital.


Practical tips


When it comes to transporting your relative’s remains, it is never an easy transaction. There are many companies that specialize in services such as these and it is wise to use them to save yourself the extra stress during an emotional time.


It is important to understand that each and every country has their own regulations regarding transporting the remains of a deceased relative. It is essential that you consider the best way to go about moving the remains with ease. In doing so, you will be able to alleviate a great deal of your stress and celebrate your family member’s life in the proper way.


Another important aspect that is wise to consider is whether you have a close friend that resides in that foreign country to serve as your representative on making difficult decisions. If you have such an individual, you will be able to get a power of attorney, which will potentially save you a great deal of bureaucratic headaches.


Be sure that you take this into serious consideration because many countries require a physical presence that you may not be able to comply with due to age, health or financial issues. Investing in a power of attorney has the potential to smooth over many issues that can arise when settle up an individual’s affairs that is an expat rather than a natural born citizen of any given country.


Final remarks on the subject


Losing a relative is never an easy process. The reason for this is that immediate family members are immediately put in the position to settle up the relative’s affairs even if they are still grieving. This is particularly true if the relative was residing and had assets abroad. The best way to mitigate the stress placed on you and your family is to hire professionals to help you through the process. In doing so, you will know that the affairs are being settled and that you can focus on supporting your family through their difficult loss.


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