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Skint? Why not start a side hustle?

Selling on furniture

I recently met a chap who came to my house to collect a dining table – for the purpose of this post we’ll call him Chris. I didn’t think it was worth anything and I like to be charitable when I can afford to, so imagine my surprise when Chris told me he had a side hustle selling on people’s unwanted furniture. All for a good cause though – he’s saving to buy a house – and can’t see any other way he’ll get on the housing ladder even though he works two jobs. Sometimes he tarts furniture up and sells it on, other times he doesn't need to do anything at all to it. All you need is a large car or van and internet connection to keep a close eye on Facebook groups like Marketplace and Stuff for sale or free in Bristol.

Converting & hiring out a campervan

I purchased a campervan and I hire it out on Camptoo – a Bristol based company that hires out vans to people all over the UK. Of course, I had to fork out the initial cost of the van and then invest time and money into sprucing it up, but I earn £1,000 a month in the summer. Even better – Little Miss Diva and I can enjoy cheap trips away in it too.

Network marketing

Network marketing is definitely an option for those with long-term vision and most successful network marketeers start their business while working in another career. My advice is to find a product or service you are passionate about, do your research and don’t expect it to make you rich overnight. That said, if you put the effort in, over time you will be rewarded. In fact, if you’re switched on, ambitious and motivated and looking for your next opportunity why not email me by clicking here as I might have just what you’re looking for.

Pet sitting

I'm always coming across Facebook posts asking if anyone knows someone who can come round and feed their dog or cat. Even with dog walking companies springing up all over the place, there’s still a demand for trustworthy people to either walk dogs, feed cats or keep pets company while their owners are away. If you're not a member already, join your local Facebook groups and ask friends and family if they know people who may need your services.

Mystery shopping

If I wasn’t so busy with my other money making enterprises, I would definitely consider becoming a mystery shopper as it sounds like the perfect job! I'm not sure you could make a full time living out of it, but it could be a very enjoyable side hustle. Take a look at and to get started.

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