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Get your free winter car check at Halfords

Technican checking under car bonnet

It's a good time to get your car winter ready before the mornings get really cold. I took my campervan to Halfords on the Bath Road a couple of days ago where a technician checked my lights, brakes, wheel bearings, tyre pressure and other safety points.

Luckily, the only points that were picked up were that I was low on coolant and needed a new bulb, cost to me just £10. In total, ATA trained technicians check these 15 safety points:

  • Are horns and lights working correctly?

  • Are brake drums, discs and pads corroded, scored or distorted?

  • To check if your suspension components has any signs of corrosion, leaks or wear?

  • Are the brake hydraulic system, hoses and pipes free of corrosion, chafing and leaks?

  • Do the wheel callipers/cylinders work properly? Are they leaking?

  • Does the brake servo work correctly?

  • Is the ABS warning light displaying?

  • Are handbrake linkages in good condition?

  • Do wheel bearings need replacing?

  • Are tyres in good condition? Is the pressure correct?

  • Have shock absorbers weakened?

  • Are there signs of wear, leaks or corrosion on the steering?

  • Do the gearbox and clutch work correctly?

  • Are propshaft/drive shaft gaiters and joints secured?

  • Is the exhaust system secure and leak-free? Is it making a noise?

This free Winter Safety Check is available to anyone and could save you a fortune in the long run, but booking is essential so get in quickly. If you're looking for more ways to save money check out my 10 ways to save £1,000 over the next year.