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Aldi's Yorkshire pud filled roast dinner for £1.99...

Ask me to describe the perfect Sunday and it would definitely involve a roast dinner, open fire and spending quality time with my daughter (if she's in a good mood!). The problem is I've never been a chef in the making and there's something about cooking roasts that gets me a little hot under the collar. But now I've found the perfect solution that doesn't involve leaving the house and paying someone else to cook for me –Aldi's Yorkshire pud filled roast dinner.

I tried it and it's a game changer! It comes with chicken, roast potatoes, stuffing and a mini pork sausage in yummy onion gravy. All you have to do is add the veg and the job's a good un! What's even more impressive is it saves on washing up and as my kitchen is too tiny for a dishwasher, not having to wash countless pans made my day!

I've got to be honest though, Little Miss Diva wasn't too impressed but she's never been keen on traditional roast dinners made from scratch either. I think it stems from when we were visiting lots of friends three Christmases ago and she had seven roast dinners in a row – it's left a scar!

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