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Here's how to bag your free fries from McDonald's today!

Person with McDonald's app in the shape of fries

Today you can pick up a free medium portion of fries from any McDonald's in Bristol! In fact, you can pick them up from any McDonald's store in the UK where you can use the McDonald's app – all you have to do is make sure sure you've downloaded the app on your phone and use it to place your order.

You don't need to buy anything else but if you're a new app user you may have to go in-store.

If you're not a fan of these salty delights, why not claim them anyway and give them to a friend that needs cheering up or a homeless person?

It's the latest giveaway in McDonald's January advent calendar , which has already seen Big Macs on sale for 99p and McMuffins handed out for free. These offers are running until January 24 – so keep an eye on the app for other freebies and discounts. You can also claim a free hot drink until the end of the month.

Do you have any great money-saving tips? Please feel free to share them – Broke in Bristol & beyond is on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Happy fries day! More from Broke in Bristol – & beyond:

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