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More than 6.5 million people could lose their jobs due to Covid-19 according to the latest statistics from the Institute for Social and Economic Research.

The worst hit sectors will be accommodation and food with almost 75 per cent of the workforce potentially laid off but unfortunately the pandemic will have a knock on effect for most other industries too.

To help people who've lost their income I'll be publishing a jobs round-up every Monday – please share it with your friends and family as some will be struggling right now.

Indeed has 424 immediate start jobs in Bristol this morning – ranging from Couriers to Customer Service Representatives. If you're worried about contracting the virus or you've just realised how much life is improved without the daily commute, then take a look at the 428 Remote Working jobs raining from online English Tutors to Call handlers for the NHS. Reed has 77 Immediate Starts near Bristol for Warehouse Operatives, Care Workers and Cleaners.

Many of these sites have a crossover of jobs but it's worth checking them individually or alternatively use Jooble as this is like Google for jobs. It crawls information from all the website and for this reason should list every vacancy available. This morning there were 2295 Immediate Start jobs available in Bristol.

Pick For Britain is still looking for seasonal farm workers and many farmers are hoping to recruit locals who will be trained by experienced farm workers typically from Romania.

I've just discovered that Facebook now has a new feature where you can search for jobs nearby! Just look for Jobs - it's right at the bottom of the left column on your newsfeed. The great thing about this option is that you can look for jobs on your doorstep if you don't want to travel too far. And according to Bristol Live, Royal Mail is recruiting dozens of mail sorting jobs in Filton and Severn beach.

Alternatively, if you're self-motivated and looking for a self-employed business opportunity partnering with a FTSE 250 company then send an email with your best contact number to

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