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Good afternoon Bristol and welcome back to Broke in Bristol – & beyond your city's favourite money-saving blog. Tuesday tips took a bit of a break during lockdown as the nation's priorities changed but, as we are now starting to return to some kind of normality, I think it's probably a good time to get back on track.

We may not be able to eat out at our favourite restaurant, or enjoy a relaxing drink at our local pub just yet, but we can order a takeaway! And the even better news is you can show your support for a local businesses and still save money by signing up to Uber Eats when you'll get a £15 credit towards your first order. And although there are lots of national chains listed, smaller local food businesses like Farrows Fish & Chips, Spice Indian and Pizza 1889 in Bristol have also jumped on board. I took advantage of this offer and a few weeks later when I hadn't made another order, I was sent another code for 50% off my next meal - so it's definitely worth doing.

During lockdown it struck me that it's not just those of us struggling to pay our bills who are suffering, but also those people who have been working hard all their lives and are now getting very little or no interest on their savings. So I asked local property expert Agata Gwizdala to share her advice and tips with readers on what they can do to get a greater return on their investment.

Finally, you can avoid queues at local supermarkets by downloading an app called Supermarket Check in. It tells you how many people are in the queue at your local store so that you can choose to go when it's less busy. That's it for this week folks, next week I'll be reviewing whether Everything 5 Pounds is a bargain lovers dream, how to secure online delivery slots and how to claim your free beer. More from Broke in Bristol – & beyond:

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