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How to get your free Costa Terry's Chocolate Orange

If you've woken up this morning wondering when all this doom and gloom is going to be over then get yourself down to your nearest Costa Coffee and treat yourself to a Terry's Chocolate Orange, Quality Street Purple One Latte or an After Eight Hot Chocolate.

If, like me, you haven't yet used your welcome back gift after the last lockdown you should have a free £3 waiting for you on the Costa app which will almost pay for your drink (prices start at £3.10). Or you can get £2 credit by inviting a friend to download the app, so just invite two friends to cover the cost of your drink which will make their day as they should get a free drink too!

The price of these Christmassy hot chocolates start at £3 but you can spend your reward points on whatever you want including a bite to eat. No doubt the new Christmas hot chocolate drinks will prove popular – which one can you not wait to get your hands on Terry's Chocolate Orange, Quality Street Purple One Latte or the After Eight Hot Chocolate?

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