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5 ways to boost festive funds in 5 mins

Christmas is expensive and sadly some will be feeling the pinch more than ever this year. But you can still have a lovely time over the festive period without breaking the bank. After being in £16k of debt I decided years ago that it wasn't worth spending more than I could afford just for one day a year. If you need a boost to your festive funds, have you thought about doing these five things?

Sell unwanted stuff

I do this every year before Christmas and it covers Little Miss Diva's Christmas money. This year I have a French chic bed frame and some brand new boots to sell which should fetch me £100. Doing this every year makes Christmas feel like less of a financial burden.

Do a direct debit detox

Even though I'm frugal I always save money when I do this! Do you need that TV subscription or book membership? Only keep them if you're getting your money's worth. After Christmas look at switching banks for an extra £100 (unfortunately there are no deals on at the moment).

Switch suppliers

If you are one of the two thirds of the population who don't switch your deal every time it comes to an en, then the odds are that you are paying too much. Shop around for electricity, gas, broadband and mobile phone deals or send a message to for a free quote from Utility Warehouse. I'm a local partner and this option works out cheaper for the majority of people and the great thing is they reward loyalty - so no massive price hikes once your deal ends.

Look into remortgaging

Now I'm quite savvy but every time I remortgage I save at least £600 a year. Some people I know save thousands and the good news is that it's free to find out. Local mortgage advisor Rich King recently helped a Bristol family save a whopping £4,500 a year! He's offering free advice, just mention Broke in Bristol – & beyond when you email him at

Earn an extra income

If you don't have a plan B make 2021 the year you put one in place. As well as freelance writing, I run a Utility Warehouse business which has been a Godsend to my finances this year. Because it's been a massive life changer for me, I'd love to pay it forward and help others do the same so get in touch to find out how you could start earning an extra income from home.

Do you have any other ways to boost funds that you can share with the community? Please share them on the Facebook page. More from Broke in Bristol – & beyond:

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