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5 ways to refresh your bathroom on a budget

Is your bathroom looking a little bit shabby? Or is it maybe perfectly adequate and just… utilitarian? You might be surprised to learn that everyone can have a designer look bathroom, even those on the tightest of budgets! Here are some tips to tell you how:

Bathroom Showrooms

Visit bathroom showrooms to see what is on offer. Not only will you get some great new ideas and see how the various pieces work together, but you might find that a new bathroom will cost you less than you might think! There are many local bathroom showrooms in every area when you are seeking professional help, For a nice bathroom, check out the bathroom showroom in Leeds at Harrogate Bathrooms site here.

Cosmetic Job

Give your bathroom a careful look. It might be structurally sound and just need a few cosmetic touches to give it that designer gloss. You will be delighted and amazed at the difference you can make just by changing the plain cabinet handles, the towel rail and door hooks for more exciting, modern or quirky alternatives.

Refloor it

Likewise, if your bathroom is great except for a dingy or tatty floor, you might only need to lay a beautiful new floor to give your bathroom a new lease of life! Vinyl tiling looks great – it has come a long way with recent material advances – and is super easy to cut to size and fit on the floor. You might not even have to take up your old floor first!

Add mirrors

Bathrooms in older houses tend to be small. This is because they were last minute additions, cut out from more generously proportioned bedrooms when plumbing moved indoors! If your bathroom is beautiful but feels claustrophobic, add the illusion of space by adding rows and columns of mirrored tiles. Not only does this make the room seem bigger, but it also often adds an air of elegance too.

Add plants

A plant adds both mystique and luxury to a bathroom. If space is an issue, you can still add your plant – just go right up into an inaccessible corner and place a small shelf for a luxuriant hanging plant to live on. Choose an exotic plant from rainforest areas and watch it thrive in the warm and steamy atmosphere of your bathroom, adding natural opulence to your showers and baths!

Try out all these tips and see which one makes your bathroom the designer room you have always longed for!