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Earn an income as a single parent

Not long after I was married I became a single parent and, although I love my life and appreciate the little things every day, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

Don’t get me wrong I’ve learnt to accept my fate and love my life the way it is, but the toll it’s taken on my career is something that is hard to just brush aside. There are so many barriers facing single parents and if, like me, you don’t have a supportive ex-husband then you’ll find that you’re limited to what jobs you can do even if you have qualifications coming out of your ears!

And with almost three quarters of a million jobs already axed since the start of the UK lockdown, things will only get worse – with single parents taking the brunt.

Three years ago, someone introduced me to an opportunity that has changed my life and allowed me to not just earn an extra income from home, but also help others change their lives too.

Now I’d like to pay it forward! If you're self-motivated and looking for a business opportunity partnering with a FTSE 250 company then please get in touch as I may be able to help. Email Jackie at to find out more.

· Earn up to £370 per customer

· Flexible hours – work when you want

· Build a residual income

· Help others save or make money

· Car scheme & holiday incentives

· Be part of a team with regular social events

· No monthly targets, work on your own terms

· Help make a difference

· Partner with a company that has 30 Which awards