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Free Google Analytics Webinar from All Things Marketing

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Bristol based All Things Marketing is offering a free Google Analytics Webinar

Free Google Analytics Webinar from All Things Marketing

Active on over 28 million websites, Google Analytics is the most popular analytics platform in the world and is a tool that all businesses should be making use of – what’s more, it’s completely FREE!

Using Google Analytics correctly can help business owners understand their traffic better; highlight areas of their website which are working well or not; track customer journeys; understand what is driving traffic to the website and measure the performance of marketing campaigns to ensure budget is used effectively and in the right places.

Whilst many businesses do have Google Analytics set up and linked to their website, often they do little or nothing with the data as they are unsure how to make best use of it. This is a significant missed opportunity and means that those businesses aren’t getting the most from their website and are likely to be losing revenue, and indeed potential customers, as a result.

Here at All Things Marketing, we understand how overwhelming it can be for business owners to focus on both the day to day running of their business as well as understanding the detailed data behind their website. To empower business owners to make use of this powerful tool and harness the useful data it produces, we have created a free introduction to Google Analytics webinar which will provide you with the tools you need to grow your business.

Throughout the webinar, you will be taken through some of the key areas of Google Analytics, enabling you to measure how well your website and marketing activity are performing, all without spending a penny.

You can sign up to the exclusive webinar now by clicking this link.

5 Benefits of Using Google Analytics

There are many ways in which Google Analytics can improve your website and add value to your business.

· You can find out where your website visitors are coming from – Google Analytics provides you with geographical location data, meaning you are able to set goals and specific marketing campaigns for individual areas. You can also use this data to determine if there is space for growth in particular locations.

· You can see where you rank in search engines – Google Analytics will show your ranking position on search engines meaning you can improve your visibility using keywords and ensure you’re being seen by potential customers.

· You can study your competition – Google Analytics allows you to have some insight into your competitors traffic. You can use this to your benefit by comparing data and finding out what your competitors are doing which is working well.

· You are able to identify which pages users visit the most – Understanding which pages and links your visitors are interested in allows you to create bespoke campaigns in order to guide traffic to the right places.

· You can determine what to offer your customers next – By interpreting the data provided by Google Analytics, you are able to understand more about your visitors and their behaviour. This allows you to offer new and interesting products and content designed specifically for your users based on measurable data and will increase your chances of generating leads and securing conversions.

Who is the Webinar For?

Our free introduction to Google Analytics webinar is perfect for those small or start-up businesses who already have Google Analytics set up and collecting data, but who don’t have a grasp on how to navigate the platform and use it efficiently.

If you don’t have Google Analytics set up, then don’t worry, you can simply bookmark the webinar page and return to it when you’re ready. If you require any help setting up Google Analytics, please contact us and our expert team will be more than happy to assist you.

The webinar is designed specifically for those who have little experience with using the Google Analytics platform. This means that everything is explained in a straightforward way with no jargon! If you are looking to improve the performance of your website and drive customers to your site, then this webinar is for you.

What you will learn

Throughout the webinar, you will be guided through some of the most popular areas of Google Analytics and shown how to use them. The complete webinar consists of:

· Introduction to Google Analytics

· How to Access Google Analytics

· The Google Analytics Dashboard

· Understanding Traffic Coming to your Website

· Key Performance Indicators

· Understanding Website Visitor Demographics

· Identifying Which Devices Website Visitors are Using

· Understanding Which Channels are Driving Traffic

· Identifying Top Performing Pages

· Following Customer Journeys

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More Help and Information

We hope you find the webinar useful and are able to utilise this powerful analytics tool to grow your business!

If you require any further help or information about the webinar or any of our wider marketing services, please call us on 01793 766 040 or fill out a Contact Form and we will get back to you.