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Eat well for less with this free budget cookbook

Living on a strict budget isn't easy but feeding the family a healthy, balanced diet is achievable with a bit of help from cook, social entrepreneur and food writer Limahl Asmall from London.

I came across his work just this week but his free cookbooks have been shared 75,000 times and he even gets a thumbs up from Jamie Oliver - high praise indeed!

Eat Delicious is a 28 day meal plan and cookbook with more than 60 mouth-watering recipes, four weekly meal plans and 24 pages of tips and tricks

Full of simple, easy to use recipes, it's a flexible guide to eating better for life and you can download it for free.

I hope you find it useful as I've found it helpful for coming up with new ideas on what to cook during lockdown. That's it for this week's #FreebieFriday but please do send me any ideas for future weeks that I can share with the rest of the bargain-loving community on Facebook. More from Broke in Bristol (& beyond):

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