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Make £414 in free cash with a cashback card

For those of you who aren't taking advantage of cashback now is definitely the time to start making the most of free cash. For very little effort you can easily make an extra £414 a year, some years I get much more than this!

There are a few ways you can start making the most of free cashback and two popular sites are Top Cashback and Quidco. However, I prefer to put my monthly budget on an actual Visa Debit Card and use that for everything I buy whether I'm shopping instore or online.

I prefer this way as there's no faffing about trying to work out whether it's worth going through one site or the other - I just use my card as I get 1% everywhere I shop and up to 10% at certain retailers like Sainsbury's, Boots and B&Q. My card also offers much better benefits than anything the banks are offering at the moment and the cashback card I have helps me to stick to my monthly budget too.

The card costs me £2 a month and I get it because I'm a Utility Warehouse customer. I have gas, electric, landline, broadband, mobiles and home insurance with them and I save money (& time) because I don't have to haggle year in and year out.

I'm also a Utility Warehouse partner when I'm not writing for my money-saving blog, so if you'd like a free review of your finances why not get in touch by emailing There's no obligation and if I don't save you money it reassures you that you're on the best deals - so win/win.